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Counseling Services -Premarital Counseling-800Premarital Counseling

The Center for Biblical Counseling offers premarital counseling for couples who desire a Christ-centered marriage.  Marriage is God’s design and all His gifts are good. We are excited to walk beside you during this season of your lives!   

Our goal is to help you meet the challenges of life in a way that will please and honor Christ, allow you to fully enjoy His love, and walk in His plan for your life. We are glad that you are taking this important step to seek biblical counsel. Our prayer is that you will clearly understand the importance of your relationship with the Lord and His leading in your relationship with each other. 

There are five purposes for premarital counseling:

  • To help you build a solid, biblical foundation as you start your marriage.  
  • To help you begin a dialogue regarding important topics such as communication, finances, sex, parenting, etc. These conversations are the beginning of a life-long conversation. 
  • To help determine areas of concern in your relationship and to address those difficulties so you are better equipped to handle them in your marriage. 
  • To encourage you to fight the temptation of sex outside of marriage and stay pure until the wedding day.
  • To prepare you for the marriage, not just the wedding day.  Premarital counseling is meant to slow you down and help you focus on the relationship. The wedding day is the beginning of your life as one, but the marriage is the rest of your life as one.

Please follow the links below and fill out the Premarital Counseling forms for both the groom and for thebride.  Once each form is received, we will contact you to set up an appointment. 

Groom Premarital Counseling Request Form
Bride Premarital Counseling Request Form